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Advanced Scripts

Advanced Scripts is the best scripts manager on the market. Besides PHP, CSS, and Javascript, you can also write SCSS and LESS code, use custom hooks, and all of that in a better interface.

Hydrogen Pack

A pack of missing features from the Oxygen builder; copy-paste elements and styles, enhanced structure panel, 60+ customizable shortcuts, sandbox mode, and more handy tools to improve your workflow!

Oxygen Attributes

The way our solution handles the attributes makes all the difference. It offers a centralized attributes manager, more field controls, CSS properties, target sub-elements, and much more.


Sridhar Katakam


As a power user, Hydrogen Pack is one of the first plugins I install when working on any Oxygen site. The customizable keyboard shortcuts, improved drag and drop in the Structure Panel and being able to copy and paste any element are must-have features in my opinion for any user looking to work faster and better in Oxygen.

Supa Mike

Oxygen4fun tutorials & design sets

Hydrogen is simply the best thing that happened to Oxygen since Oxygen exists! The Keyboard Shortcuts are incredibly convenient, and the copy/paste feature makes me save a lot of time. I just can't use Oxygen without Hydrogen pack now.

Alexander Buzmakov

OxyWP Tutorials

I rarely buy plugins, and I like to solve tasks on my own, without depending on additional plugins. Hydrogen is one of those that I bought because it really speeds up the workflow. Now I use it on every project.

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