Oxygen Attributes

The way our solution handles the attributes makes all the difference. It offers a centralized attributes manager, more field controls, CSS properties, target sub-elements, and much more.

What Makes Oxygen Attributes The Best

Custom HTML Attributes

You need HTML attributes to store various information associated with different pages elements, this information might not be essential for readers, but many JavaScript libraries and bots depends on it to run correctly. Many of them allow you to tweak their behavior by defining custom data attributes with given values

Fancy UI Controls

The ability to put values manually in text fields is good, but sometimes you may want to have a list of predefined values to select the appropriate one. As a solution, oxygen attributes allow you to create attributes control as a dropdown list, buttons list, checkbox, and color picker.

Centralized Settings

Some Javascript libraries or services that rely on custom data attributes may change the attribute name in a future release. Or you may need to switch the library, and it requires a different attribute name. With built-in attributes, you need to find all occurrences of that attribute and change it to the new name, that’s why we manage them differently, so you only need to change the name in the backend in one place.

Target Child Elements

With Oxygen built-in attributes, you can add the Html attribute to the wrapper element only. But, what if you need to apply the custom attribute to child elements, like gallery images, social icons links, etc. To do that, you will need our solution to target child tags instead of the element’s wrapper tag.

Dynamic Data Values

With the dynamic data integration, you can quickly populate the attribute’s values from various data sources, like post data, advanced custom fields, custom PHP functions returns, etc.

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